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“If you’re tired of the same old training routines that promise much and deliver little then look no further. GO-Team Training is the perfect option for those that have limited time and need a maximal outcome. We make training stimulating, fun and highly effective. Just rock up and get great results GUARANTEED!”

Achieve your health and fitness goals the smart way!

You know just as well as the next person that looking after your health and fitness is very important. Finding an effective gym/training routine is a big part of that.

Finding the time, motivation and know how can be tough. Going it alone in the gym nearly always fails. There’s no accountability, you’re not sure exactly what to do and hiring a competent and professional Personal Trainer can be very expensive.

You see, working with an inexperienced and newly qualified Personal Trainer will cost you around $60 for just one hour of training.

Working with an industry leading trainer will cost you more like $100 per hour (minimum). To actually get results, you need to be doing a minimum of 2-3 hours of training per week.

This can really add up!

GO-Team Training was developed with this in mind. It was our vision to offer the people of Hobart, a better way of getting great results from their gym training program.

Knowing that many of our Personal Training clients wanted the same outcomes, we knew that their training time could be optimized by training together. It allows them to train every day getting faster AND better results.

It also creates a fantastic community and is a great way to meet new friends. One of the other fantastic benefits of this model is that you work much harder than what you would on your own.

More than just Personal Training!

You will get all the benefits and results of a high end, Personal Training product but without the price tag. We have a number of different Group Personal Training classes, so no matter what you goals are, we will get you there.

We also run monthly workshops and seminars, ensuring that you get the knowledge you need to succeed in the long term.

Our trainers, Daniel Lowry and Alana Mann are industry leaders. They have both been helping people just like you, to get amazing results for over 10 years.

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